29th Street Capital is a privately held real estate investment firm with offices in San Francisco, California and Chicago, Illinois. The firm was founded in 2009 to capitalize on the dislocation in the United States real estate markets, and the partners continue to manage the firm as a dynamic and entrepreneurial business.


Our firm brings over 150 years of institutional and capital market experience to every relationship.  As a vertically integrated company we are able to take a hands-on approach to every aspect of the investment. Equity commitments typically range between $2-10 million  per deal, and involve the acquisition or recapitalization of real estate assets and portfolios.  Currently, 29th Street Capital focuses on three asset classes within the domestic real estate market:


Multifamily Residential - Have acquired 40 properties totaling over 6,800 units in 12 states

Distressed Debt - Have purchased nearly $120MM worth of non-performing loans in the last 24 months

Single-family Residential - Current rental portfolio of over 2,000 homes with an estimated value of $500MM


We have invested and acquired over $1 billion since our inception. The firm continues to identify and pursue strategic investments ahead of the broader market and below the radar of our institutional peers.

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